College and Career

Rising Seniors... 

Check out the resources provided at our annual College Prep Boot Camp!

Here are some to do's for the summer:

Use Naviance to complete your college, career and major research

2.       Create your college list

3.       Register for the next SAT and ACT

4.       Practice for the next SAT and ACT

5.       Start your college essay/personal statement

6.       Follow @colonialguidance on Instagram

Presentations and Resources
Welcome to Senior Year.pdf
Branching Out_ Finding Financial Resources that Help Students Realize Their Dreams Updated 2020-21.pdf12th Grade Postsecondary Planning.pdfPersonal Statement 2020.pdfQuestbridge_ College Options.pdfNational Top 20 Matrix 2019-2020.pdfTop 20 Matrix Liberal Arts 2019-2020.pdf2019 Abridged SUS Matrix .pdf