Transcript Request

Transcript Ordering Information


Please read all information before ordering!

Colonial High School will no longer order past diplomas for Alumni. The transcript is the official document to prove graduation.

Processing can take up to 10 school days. Holidays and weekends will impact the schedule. A sealed copy of your transcript will be mailed to you if you select “Self” under “Delivery”. Your transcript must remain sealed until it is opened by the official requesting it from you.


If you prefer to have your transcript mailed directly to a college, please include their name where indicated and select “College” under “Delivery”.


If you have questions regarding your transcript, please email [email protected] with the email subject heading “Transcript”.


PLEASE NOTE: Grade point averages (GPA) are calculated twice per school year: at the end of the first semester (January) and at the end of the school year (June). Class rank will therefore not be calculated and identified until the end of the semester and school year.