Colonial High School Class of 1960 Alumni

Class of 1960

Here are some memories of your year. Below you will find your senior class officers, student council officers, senior superlatives, homecoming queen, and yearbook editor. If there are other senior memorabilia that you would like for us to add, please email to the email below. All information was taken from the yearbook.


Senior Class Officers

Student Council Officers

President: Herb Hanks
Vice President: Kenneth Klinger
Secretary: Dorothy McCall
Treasurer: David Runyon

President: Kenley Platt
Vice President: Brent Rues
Secretary: Marie Vale
Treasurer: Diana McCann

Senior Superlatives

Yearbook Editor

None listed in the yearbook

None listed in the yearbook

Reunions Past and Current

Reunions are typically done every 10 years. Reunions are organized by your senior class officers. If the officers are unable to organize the reunion, other classmates can organize the reunion. The school, itself does not organize your reunions. Best way to stay in touch with classmates at this time is on Facebook. Look for groups for Colonial High School Alumni, Colonial High School Graduates, or a group specific to your class.

Your Class Listing

Below is the class of 1960 as recorded from the graduation list. Names with asterisks and in purple indicate deceased members of your class.


Abello, Donna
Armagost, Joyce


Baker, Betty
Bamberg, Julie
Barnes, Ruth
Barnett, Sandra
Bathrick, Charles
Bear, Mary
Bourn, Stephen
Boutty, James
Bradner, Ray
Brazzel, Maggie
Brown, Richard
Buck, Joan
Burton, Dorothy
Burton, Richard


Caldwell, Carolyn
Campbell, Gerald
Carey, Joyce
Casselman, Shirley
Childress, Sharon
Connolley, Susan
Conviser, Barry
Crider, Nancy
Crouso, Sandra
Cummings, EllaMae


Davis, Mary
Dayton, Sheri
Debault, Darlene
*Dennison, Joann
Deubert, Jennie
Dotter, Judy
Driggers, Patricia
Dula, Finley


Eaton, Bill


Felts, Clay


Gabor, Jo An
Gabor, Judy
Garner, Robert
George, Welton
Gilleon, Thomas
Gilmer, Linda
Godwin, Bob
Goldsmith, Micheal
Gore, Alvin
Gorham, James
Gunn, Jerry


Haddad, William
Hanks, Herb
Harris, Bob
Hilliard, Harold
Holland, Betty
Holzknecht, Mary Jo
Honnert, Shirley
Hope, Norman


Ingerman, Glen
Iseminger, Richard


Jackson, Robert
Jessup, Linda
Jones, Edward
Jones, William
Jordan, Donald


King, Barbara
Klinger, Kenneth
Krueger, Gordan
*Krueger, Edward


Lang, Ernie
Lee, Diana
Lee, Jacqueline
Lewis, Carolyn
Long, ronnie
Luce, Dorthy
Lynn, Jerome


Martin, William
Mashburn, Charles
May, Ronald
McCall, Dorothy
McDugald, Joan
McGraw, Ted
McIcrath, Timothy
Meade, Janice
Meadows, Ellen
Metz, Carol
Mondok, Pat
Morris, Patricia
Masgrove, Lola


Nealey, Mary
Nolen, Charles
Norman, Donald


Palmer, Penny
Paul, Bennie
Penninger, Jane
Perley, Patricia
Petrain, Donald
Platt, Kenley
Pope, James
Potter, Kenneth

Reash, Carole
Rice, Judy
Richerdson, Dennis
Roseboom, Raymond
Runyon, David

Sambuchi, Barbara
Sanford, Thomas
Sayers, Thomas
Scott, Penni
Scragg, Paul
Scruggs, Mary
Sells, Delores
Shafer, Alfred
Shelton, Doris
Silver, George
Sipple, Mary
Slaughter, Henery
Smith, Malcolm
Sumllen, Roy Ann
Snow, Merle
Spegal, Bonnie
Stewart, James
Story, Early
Swain, Neleta

Turner, Lois

Vegh, Nancy
Vogler, Ronald

Wagner, Martha
Wichern, William

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