CHS Sentry - Yearbook

The Colonial High School Sentry Yearbook

The Colonial High School Sentry is dedicated to preserving memories each school year. The cost for the current 2017 book is $65.00. We can now accept credit card sales on –line. The link for credit card sales is All yearbook inquiries (regardless of year) may be directed to Sharon.Christensen-Jones We have a limited number of copies of previous years available. The 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 books are on sale for $20.00. Other quantities vary by year and are extremely limited. As you can see, we are eager to unite these books with interested alumni.  Payment is accepted in cash, money order, or online at the above link. We mail by parcel post to any of the contiguous fifty states. Delivery varies but can take up to three weeks. Since many of the older books have been in storage for various periods, some of the limited copy books conditions may not be exactly as you remember them. Even a book stored a shelf or in a box involves a certain amount of wear and tear!!!