Academy of Information Technology

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Academy of Information Technology Magnet (Level II)

The National Academy Foundation Academy of Information Technology magnet offers academic instruction in a wide range of rigorous inter-disciplinary academic regimes. Lucrative business related work experience will be acquired through a student run business, Technology Associates. There are several divisions providing PC support and PC construction, digital and web design service, and multi-media productions. PC programming students will have the opportunity to achieve A+ certification. Students will gain the personal, analytical, technical, and communication skills needed to compete in our technological multi-media society. Colonial High has a partnership with Lockheed Martin for teacher and student support. As a member of the National Academy Foundation, qualified students are eligible for national and local scholarships as well as a vast array of networking opportunities beginning with the student internship at the end of the junior year. Additionally, students in this program may also qualify for Gold Seal Bright Futures scholarship money. This high school magnet is conducive to post-secondary education in one of the following arenas: Career and Technology Education in conjunction with Orange County Public Schools, two year AS or AA degrees as found in local community colleges or four year BS or BA degrees from college or university in information technology or business.

The National Academy Foundation Academy of Information Technology magnet promotes the study of digital media and information technology. The campus, combined with state of the art equipment and software, provides an exciting arena where IT magnet students can learn competitive skills that are necessary for success in the fast paced world of technology and telecommunications. The digital media lab includes a cutting edge digital recording studio for radio and television, as well as electronic publications. Students can also receive instruction which fosters growth toward certification in the following areas: A+ PC Support, CISCO network training, Macromedia Web Design and Visual Basic and Java Programming. This program is affiliated with the National Academy Foundation (NAF).

This four-year information technology sequence of courses aligns relevant academic, employment and workplace standards with opportunities to partner with local businesses and post-secondary institutions. Serious students have opportunities to earn dual credits through articulation agreements with Valencia Community College for each of the related IT areas. [] Students are also eligible for the Florida Bright Futures and Gold Seal Vocational Scholarships.

Internships, both on-campus and in local industry, allow students to network with professionals who can provide experiences not found in any classroom. These real-world experiences in the IT and digital medial fields foster student achievement in ways that have been largely unexplored until now. Information Technology is rapidly becoming an integral part of most competitive businesses.

Entrance Requirements
OCPS Magnet Application
 Recommended GPA of 2.0 or higher
For more information, you can contact:  Lorraine Grice    [email protected]