Cambridge Program (AICE)

The Cambridge Program (AICE) or the Advanced International Certificate of Education, is an internationally recognized program that emphasizes the value of broad and balanced study. It offers students the ability to gain an in-depth understanding of subjects that suit their specific passions and interests while developing the tools necessary to succeed in college-level classes. AICE classes are known for being flexible and allowing students to dive into a study of concepts they find interesting.
Students who attend schools that participate in the AICE program like Colonial High School have the option to take individual classes from the AICE program or put themselves on track to go through the full academic regime and earn the Cambridge Diploma. If a student were to go through the full course regime and meet certain qualifications, he or she will qualify for an AICE diploma, which is recognized as an advanced diploma at many universities across the country. A student may also be able to use certain AICE classes to qualify to opt-out of some introductory college classes during freshman year.  Additional information about the specific curriculum can be found on Cambridge’s International website at

Earning our first diplomas in 2017, the AICE Program at Colonial High School has been in existence since 2013.  Currently we can boast of many Cambridge diplomas in an internationally competitive field.  Our early successes with the program in Orange County encouraged the expansion of this program in the nine additional high schools in this county.

If you have any questions about our award winning Cambridge Program, please e-mail, the program coordinator, [email protected] or our assistant principal over magnet programs, [email protected]