Veterinary Animal Science and Service

Veterinary Animal Science and Service 

Veterinary Animal Sciences Magnet Program


Is the Veterinary Animal Sciences Magnet an isolated program?


The veterinary sciences' magnet is not an isolated program. We encourage our students to be active members of the various clubs and organizations offered at Colonial High School and work with students in accommodating their schedules. Colonial High School offers three magnets- Veterinary Animal Sciences, Information Technology, and the Cambridge Program. Students must apply to one program and follow it’s curriculum but students are able to take the courses of the other magnets if it fits in their schedule. 

What is FFA?

The National FFA is a leadership organization for which Veterinary Animal Science Magnet students are eligible to participate as students in an agriscience program. The National FFA Organization is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education. Students participate in Career Development Event competitions in areas as diverse as Veterinary Assisting, Environmental Resource Management, Livestock Evaluation, and a variety of others. Students are encouraged to have a Supervised Agricultural Experience project and many choose to do so by raising animals at home or on the school facilities. We provide a variety of fun learning opportunities about the vast agriculture world. Leadership training, community service, and positional leadership opportunities also exist through participation.

How flexible is this Magnet program?

We work to meet our students’ needs for a well-rounded education. Each student in the magnet is required to take one animal sciences class a year under their available 3 electives. Outside of the classroom, students are able to partake in projects, competitions, field trips and more based on their interest and their level of commitment. We highly encourage students in the Magnet program to join our Colonial FFA Chapter for a whole new world of opportunities to be more involved in furthering their involvement in the world of animal science. Along with being an active member of the program, we encourage our students to participate in the multitude of clubs and experiences Colonial High School has to offer. 

What experience will I gain with this program?

At the completion of the program, each student will have extensive knowledge of a wide breadth of animal sciences curriculum (refer to the Magnet Parent/Student Curriculum Guide for details.)  Beyond the classroom, students are eligible to compete in county, district, state, and even national agriculture related competitions building competence, personal skills, and enhancing their resumes for competitive admission to post-secondary schooling.Not only will you participate in one of a kind competitions, but it is also a lot of fun. Students explore the vast breadth of career opportunities working in animal sciences and receive assistance in setting educational and occupational aspirations. Students also have the opportunity to earn adult level industry certifications.

Will there be hands-on opportunities?

There are many hands-on opportunities including career based competitions, class animals that are held and cared for by students, and independent student projects. Eligible magnet students have an amazing opportunity to gain knowledge in the caretaking and raising of poultry, sheep, goat, lamb, reptiles, and many more. In all animal science classes, teachers incorporate hands-on activities that help students gain knowledge in both plants and animals. The coursework is intentionally designed to be experiential.

Do I need to own an animal to participate? 

The Veterinary Animal Science Magnet program does not require students to own animals in order to participate. Our program has multiple exotic animal species that are owned by the school and are utilized in student education.  Students who demonstrate dedication to the program and express an interest in the opportunity to own an animal may have the choice to do so on the school facilities. Students maintain livestock animals on campus that serve as a learning tool for those that are interested in a shadowing experience. Owning animals is not a requirement to participate but is an opportunity for qualified students.

What makes this specific program unique? 

While other agriscience and animal science programs exist elsewhere in the county, ours is the only to provide direct hands-on instruction with companion, livestock, wildlife, and exotic species.  Students receive career readiness not just in the field of Veterinary Sciences, but in a wide range of animal science related careers (refer to the Magnet Parent/Student Curriculum Guide for details.)

What career fields can I pursue as a student in this program?

Although the Magnet program does cover veterinary medicine, this is not exclusive. For a listing of additional career areas students may choose to explore, refer to the Magnet Parent/Student Curriculum Guide. 

Which post-secondary institutions have your graduates attended?

Students from our program have gone on to receive degrees from the University of Florida, University of Miami, CalTech, Santa Fe State College, Eckerd College, Florida Institute of Technology, University of South Florida, University of Central Florida, St. Petersburg State College, and others. 

Will the Veterinary Animal Science Magnet program correlate with the Cambridge Program program?

The Cambridge Program is a highly rigorous academic program and students do have the option to enroll in Cambridge courses. The Veterinary Animal Science Magnet program requires students to take an animal sciences class every year as an elective class in their schedule. The Cambridge Program becomes the core curriculum of a student’s schedule and as the years progress may use an elective space as well. Students are fully able to do both programs, and many do, but they must be mindful of their scheduling and the intensity that both programs require.