SAFE Program

Our Mission Statement 

To help young adults learn healthy behaviors that mitigate harm to students’ personal, social, and academic performance by providing interactive educational opportunities, one-on-one counseling services, and peer mediation to address these behaviors; by influencing educators to integrate these educational opportunities into the school curriculum and in school regulations; by communicating to young adults the value society puts on ensuring young adults practice protective behaviors.


Overall Goal of SAFE
To reduce and to eliminate students’ engagement of high-risk behaviors, promote awareness through faculty and peer ambassadors, provide opportunities that develop the whole student through personal/social and character education, and prevent incidence of school related misconduct.

The SAFE Program and SAFE Ambassador program at Colonial is a collective student-centered organization of programs and coalitions that engages the local community and school by providing facts about substance abuse trends in our area, supply tools to keep our students safe and host events to spread the prevention message. Our SAFE Ambassadors demonstrate and reinforce honorable character matters and model exemplary behavior on behalf of their student body, families, neighborhoods and organizations. In order to reach our mission to grow students up safely, healthy and drug free, our school partners with The Florida Family Partnership Program: Informed Families. In addition, the SAFE Coordinator provides counseling services to all students to equip our young adults with healthy coping and problem solving skills. Currently, our program is working toward becoming a Red Ribbon Certified School, which promotes academic excellence through prevention. This is an esteemed honor only awarded once a year, to few schools throughout the district, and to those who work toward meeting all of the requirements. 

SAFE Coordinator, Both Campuses - Hilda Tolentino

Resources for Students and Parents 

Informed Families - Helping Kids Grow Up Safe, Healthy, and Drug Free

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)

Harbor House of Central Florida

Love is Respect - Healthy Relationships/Avoiding Abuse

HelpGuide - Information on Self-Injury

KidsHealth - Children's Health & Development