Student Parking

Student parking passes are available for $30 on School Pay only, no cash or checks. Passes will be available between lunches A and B in Mr. Jordan's office. License (not permit), insurance and vehicle registration as well as a signed permit form will all be required. Below a 2.0, Code of Conduct violations and late to school will place a student on probation for their parking privileges which may result in the removal of their ability to park on campus and no refunds will be issued. To register, visit (Link Coming Soon)

1) Student parking on campus is a PRIVILEGE and is something that can be revoked if the expectations and procedures listed below are not followed.  In order to purchase a parking permit, each student must be enrolled at CHS and have the following items:
a. Valid Florida Driver’s License (NOT A LEARNER’S PERMIT)
b. Valid DOT Vehicle Registration
c. Proof of Insurance
d. Signed Application Form and $30 in cash, check, or money order made out to CHS or via school pay. A school pay receipt will be required as proof of payment.
e. Parking pass clearance from the Media Center – NO OUTSTADNING FINES

2) All students who park on campus MUST purchase a permit to do so from the main office (Mr. Jordan).  Students who park on campus without a permit may have their vehicle towed from campus or booted by Bob’s Towing (407-273-5880).

3) ALL FULL DAY STUDENT PARKING IS LOCATED AT THE BACK OF THE SCHOOL near the athletic fields (football stadium, baseball field, football practice field).  The back gate is located off of Randia Dr.  Randia dr. can be accessed from Dahlia Dr. which intersects with Semoran Blvd., Yucatan Dr., and S Oxalis Dr. This gate will not be opened after 7:30 am until 2:20 pm. If you are a full day student and need to leave for an appointment you need to park in the gym lot for that day. **This is a change for the 2024-2025 school year.**

4) Early Release and Late Arrival students will be assigned a parking space in the gym parking lot. These passes are subject to the same rules and regulations of full day pass students. **This is a change for the 2024-2025 school year.**

5) Any full day student not arriving to their parking spot by 7:30 am will be required to park in the gym parking lot and register through attendance as Late to School. The Randia gate will not be opened for students that do not arrive in time. The accumulation of 3 late to school per 9 weeks may result in suspension of campus parking privileges. **This is a change for the 2024-2025 school year.**

6) All other parking spaces are reserved for faculty, staff, and visitors.  This includes parking across from the front office, in front of the Media Center, side parking near the PAC and Auto buildings, and the entire unassigned Gym parking lot. Students who park in unassigned spaces areas may be subject to disciplinary consequences including but not limited to: warning stickers, vehicle towed or booted, parking permit suspended, and/or other consequences outlined in the OCPS Student Code of Conduct.  

7) All parking permits must be displayed on the front windshield (lower left from driver’s vantage point and lower right from outside vantage point) and be visible while parked on campus.

8) Students are NOT permitted to go to their vehicle during school hours unless they have a pass from an administrator in the main office.  Teachers are not allowed to grant permission to do this. 

9) Any student that needs to leave campus MUST CHECK OUT THROUGH THE ATTENDANCE OFFICE prior to going to their vehicle and/or exiting campus.  This applies to ALL STUDENTS regardless of their age or EARLY-RELEASE STATUS.

10) SPEED LIMIT ON CAMPUS IS 5 miles per hour.

11) Replacement parking permits for lost or damaged ones is $10.

12) Colonial High School reserves the right to refuse parking to any student violating the Student Code of Conduct as deemed by the Principal. 


ALL VEHICLES on Colonial High School property are subject to search at any time.  Parking on campus gives school officials and/or law enforcement your consent to search the vehicle and its contents at any time.  Search may include the entire vehicle and all of its contents.

This shall serve as notice that Colonial High School and the School Board of Orange County are NOT LIABLE OR RESPONSIBLE for any vandalism to, or theft of or from vehicles parked on Colonial High School Property.  PARK AT YOUR OWN RISK.

By signing this document, you are acknowledging that you have read and understand each of the student parking expectations and procedures listed above (items 1-9) and also agree to follow them.  You are also acknowledging that you understand the possible consequences that you may face if you do not follow these procedures including but not limited to: warning stickers placed on your vehicle, loss of parking privileges, suspension of parking permit, having your vehicle towed or booted by Bob’s Towing and/or other consequences explained in the OCPS Student Code of Conduct.

Additionally, by signing this document you agree and acknowledge that you as the driver/operator of the vehicle parked on Colonial High School’s campus are assuming all RISK to do so and that Colonial High School and the School Board of Orange County are NOT responsible or liable for any damage, vandalism, theft, or any other issues related to vehicles parked on this property.  Lastly, by signing this document and parking on Colonial High School’s campus you are granting consent to both school and law enforcement officials that your vehicle and its contents may be searched at any time.